After years of residing in Bangkok, there’s no corner of the city we haven’t explored. We can confidently tell you that some of the most photographed places in Bangkok are indeed fantastic, but there’s more to it. Although most experienced photographers pay more attention to the palaces and towers, there are some stunning spots for fascinating shots. Let’s see!

1. Wat Arun

wat arun bangkok most photographed place

Even if the Wat Arun temple is one of the most visited places in Bangkok, it doesn’t change the fact that it is indeed one of the most photographed places in Bangkok. You can capture the temple from around it or on the river. The Wat Arun’s beauty is insane, and perhaps what makes it so incredible is its details. The design on the surface is enough to bring you back the next day for more shots.

To get to the temple, take a short boat trip across the river – you can even begin to take shots on the boat before getting there. You can also visit some of the tall buildings nearby for amazing overhead shots. It is, however, advisable that you use a wide-angle lens to capture more details.

Best time for photos: During the day (either at sunset or sunrise)

Paid entry: Yes

Open time: Every day from 8 am to 5:30 pm

Location: 158 Wang Road, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok 10600.

2. Grand Palace

grand palace bangkok most photographed place

The Grand Palace is arguably the most famous location in Bangkok, Thailand. It is even popular amongst first-time tourists in the city. Whenever you visit the place, there are always people there flashing the cameras at the majestic structure. The golden stupas, temples, and magnificent details are all exciting to behold. With her beauty, you’re might likely forget you want to take pictures.

The palace is the former seat of the Thailand King ages ago, making it a national treasure. However, if you’re looking to take fascinating shots, your biggest hindrance is the number of visitors always there every hour of the day.

Best time for photos: During the day

Paid entry: Yes

Open time: Every day from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Location: Na Phra Lan Road, Rattanakosin, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200.

3. Baiyoke Tower II

baiyoke tower 2

One of the highest towers in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand is the infamous Baiyoke Tower II. From the roof that rotates and moves around the top of the tower, you can see the entire city. With this, you can enjoy the view from the deck and all other directions in the country’s capital. Nonetheless, if you want to take shots from the top, you should keep in mind that the glass’s reflection is likely to be a little problem in quality.    

The 88 stories high building offers you a birds-eye perspective over Bangkok and into the neighboring provinces. This spot is one of the most photographed places in Bangkok, not just for its view during the day. When you look at the lights in the city at night from that angle, you’ll want to take as many photos as to keep the memory with you.

Best time for photos: Both day and night

Paid entry: Yes

Open time: observation and skywalk deck, each day from 10 am to 30pm

Location: Soi Ratchaprarob 3, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi Bangkok 10400.

4. Wat Pho

wat pho

The Wat Pho is a massive temple that hosts the most popular Buddha image in the country. It is safe to say the temple is famous because of the reclining Buddha, which people across the world are always anxious to see as soon as they are in Bangkok. Due to how busy the temple complex can get, it is best to visit earlier if you’re looking to take pictures without tons of people in it.

If you walk down to the leg of the Buddha statue, you’ll find that the angle is one of the best you can get for shots in the temple. Also, note that a wide camera lens is best to cover more angles. To get insane shots of the temple, you can take direct photos of the statue. With the intricate details, don’t be surprised when you see people in their numbers flashing cameras to get a piece of it with them.

Best time to photos: Day

Paid entry: Yes

Open time: every day from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Location: Maharat Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200.

5. Dammoen Saduak Floating Market

damnoen saduak bangkok most photographed place

The ever-busy floating market is almost on the capital’s outskirts, but it’s just outside the city. This means you’ll have to make arrangements for your trip there if you stay in the city. It’s an amazing spot for unique unaware pictures, but it is such an interesting place you’ll want to observe.

The market is literally on the water, which means you have to use a boat to buy anything you want. You can take your pictures sitting in a boat or on a bridge, but the craziest angle is from above. So, if you can get a building that would allow you up on the roof, your shots would be priceless.

Best time to visit: Day time

Paid entry: Yes, only if you’re on a boat tour

Location:   Google Maps should give you the best direction

6. Maeklong Railway Market

Although the Maeklong Railway Market isn’t as famous as the Floating Market, it is one of the most photographed places in Bangkok. The market is similar to another railway market in Hanoi, Vietnam. The market is very narrow, with remarkable street stalls on both sides of the track. 

You can get breathtaking shots from almost angle in and outside the market and give the photo more life; you can take shots when a train passes through the market.

Best time to visit: During the day

Paid entry: No

Location:  Google Maps should give you the best direction.


When in Bangkok, especially for the first few times, you can’t keep your camera to yourself. There is so much beauty around to snap that you’ll be amazed at how many pictures you took during your tour. However, some spots have been drawn more heat, and rightly so. We can’t talk about the most photographed places in Bangkok and not mention the six places in this post – they are majestic!