You can still breathe fresh and peace in the middle of Bangkok, and it all comes thanks to the Lumpini Park, a flourishing oasis of green in the City of Angels.

The Lumpini Park is an amazing attraction on its own, and therefore, here at Apoteka we decided to create a guide completely dedicated to it.

You will discover where it is located, what things you can do, what things you can see and a lot more.

Therefore, come with us to discover our guide, so you can plan your future visit to Bangkok.

What is The Lumpini Park?

As its own name implies, it is a park in Bangkok, which consists of over 57 hectares, where you will find a beautiful artificial lake, playgrounds, plenty of trees and beautiful open spaces. It has been open since 1920, captivating visitors’ and locals’ minds and eyes.

 Lumpini Park Traditional House

Therefore, it is an oasis of peace on its own. Furthermore, it has several paths around it, which are approximately 2.5km in average, which make them a frequent point for joggers.

In consequence, the Lumpini Park is far more than an average park, because it brings you different options to release all of your stress and admire the natural beauty that it has to offer you.

Where to Find the Lumpini Park in Bangkok?

Now that you have obtained a proper introduction to the Lumpini Park, let us show you where to find it, and more importantly, how to arrive.

 Lumpini Park Lake

The official address of the Lumpini Park is Rama IV Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.

Based on its address, it is right in the heart of Bangkok, which brings it a beautiful contrast between its inner peace and the busy life of the city. Therefore, you can always visit it when you want to catch a breath and just dissipate your mind for a while.

Now, the most important question comes in… how to arrive to the Lumpini Park? It is rather easy:

  • Take the MRT underground and get off at Lumpini or Silom Station
  • Take the BTS Skytrain at Asok Station, and then, go to Siam Station and come aboard the BTS Silom until the Sala Daeng Station

In case you do not want to use public transport, then you can always call a taxi. It will be more expensive, but definitively easier if you have never been to Bangkok before.

When Does the Lumpini Park Open?

Unlike other parks, it is not open to the public all the time. If you want to visit it, then you have do it within its opening hours, from 04:30 to 21:00. Plenty of time to enjoy all the great things that this park has to offer you.

Regarding the days, it opens its doors the public all the week. So, you can visit it any day you wish, be it on Monday to give your mind a good rest after a day full of work, or on Sunday, to enjoy the best live music.

What to Do in Lumpini Park?

Now it is time for us to explore the Lumpini Park and the different activities you can do here. If you are exhausted of partying and the busy life of the city, then you have just found your own oasis of peace.

Rent a Boat

Duck Pedal Boat Rent Lumpini Park

Being near a water body is enough to revitalize your mind, and therefore, renting a paddleboat is an excellent way to relax while having a lot of fun. It is a great activity especially for couples.

Get a Workout In

If you love working out in the outdoors, then the Lumpini Park puts at your disposal an outdoor gym. It is not equipped like a conventional gym, but it has decent equipment to get a decent workout.


As we said at the beginning, the park has plenty of paths around it, which are 2.5km-long in average. Therefore, they are excellent for all sorts of running, be it jogging or sprinting.


If aerobics are your thing, then you can take advantage of the free classes held at the Lumpini Park. A good way to release all of your stress, especially when they do it at the tune of techno.


For the children, you can take them to the several playgrounds you will find in the park. Apart from being able to run freely and have a lot of fun, the playgrounds will bring them even more ways to have a blast.

Live Music

The Lumpini Park is also a great place to listen to live music performed by local bands, ranging from jazz to classical orchestras. If you want to enjoy these events, then you should visit the park on Sunday afternoons.


The park has plenty of places where you can have your own picnic with your family, couple or friends.


The park is a pacific place to be, and therefore, you can use it to meditate. You will find beautiful places where you can do it, especially sheltered niches.

Take a Walk

The park is an excellent choice for talking a walk, as you can walk along the beautiful lake, or by venturing yourself into the park, discovering the beautiful gardens on your way.

Just Do Nothing

Garden Bench Lumpini Park

Sometimes, we just have to relax and do nothing, and the Lumpini Park is the ideal place for it. Just lay down on its green lands, close your eyes and allow its peaceful atmosphere to take your mind and senses to a better place.

Final Words

As you can see, the Lumpini Park is the ideal place to relax and enjoy of a peaceful afternoon. With so many activities at your disposal, it is an excellent getaway in the middle of the day, or an excellent destination on its own.