Perhaps you are a staying in Bangkok for a long time, far more than your conventional tourist who spends only a few days.

Maybe, you are relocating, and you do not know many people.

It is all right, because you are new, but to feel comfortable and happy, you will need to create a new social circle. However, being in a different city in an exotic country makes this more challenging.

Challenges have been created to be defeated, and this is exactly what you are going to learn in this article. We, Apoteka, are going to show you how to make new friends in the City of Angels, so you can feel good and happy.

We are going to talk about all the aspects of this, and yes, we are going to talk about certain problems you may have that will prevent you from meeting new people and how to solve them.

Let’s Talk About You:

You can visit many venues, you can assist to many meet ups, you can attempt to join circles, but the solution starts with you. The key to making new friends begins in the inside, not the outside.

Trust in Yourself:

Many times, we undermine ourselves because we do not trust us. That is the root of all the problems: we do not place enough trust in ourselves, and unless you do so, it will be hard to accomplish anything in life, in this case, making new and valuable friends.

Be Willing to Interact:

Everything you do needs to be a decision, and in this case, you are deciding to make new friends. However, make sure it is a firm and solid decision.

You need to have a “friendly” vibe, however, do not mistake it by being a pushover. Of course not. It only means to be respectful and willing to interact with other people. You must always set your boundaries and impose respect, because that is how you will make friends: people who like and respect you.

Love Yourself First:

If you don’t love yourself first, then nobody else will.

This is a principle that you must respect to build healthy and strong inter-personal relationships. We want to be respected, we want to be loved, yet we don’t do it with ourselves first.

Take care of yourself, trust in yourself, love yourself and everything you are and represent and you will see that it is easier to interact with people and attract new friends, and perhaps, something else. You know what I mean.

Why Is All of This Important?

Because you are who is going to make friends, and therefore, it is important to take care of yourself first. You cannot build high-quality relationships if your foundation is not all right, but you know what to consider and how to fill those voids you may have.

Now that you have this, it is time to go in practice and see where you can meet new people in BKK!

Business Meet Ups: Making New Friends and Expanding Your Entrepreneurial Horizon

If you are an entrepreneur, then look no further than business meet ups. They are a great way to grow your social circle in your new home, and possibly, find people to grow your business ventures to the next level.

They are perfect for meeting new like-minded people, make great connections, profit from networking and all in all, experiencing a very nice time.

One of the most reliable ways to find out the best business meet ups near you in Bangkok is with The great things about these meet ups is that they are filtered by career and topic, so you can make sure to meet people in your same field or who are passionate about the same/similar things.

For example, from that link, you will see that there are several groups that organize meeting where you can assist:

  1. Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies. If you are working with blockchain technology or if you are an investor in BTC and other cryptocurrencies, then this is a great way to make new friends who are as passionate as you
  2. Self-explanatory, because if you are an entrepreneur, then here you will meet like-minded people who love the grind and the hustle!
  3. Online Marketing. If you work in this field, then here you will meet many other online marketers like you with who you can exchange knowledge, experiences and experiences and network
  4. Here you will meet other entrepreneurs to accelerate your own startup.

These are just some, explore the page and you will several other options.

Furthermore, you can also join Facebook groups for expats and digital nomads, so you can check the upcoming business meet ups. They are a great source, because you can interact more directly with people in the internet before meeting them, and that is a huge upside.

If you do not have any idea on what groups to join, then make sure to check the following:

Social media is one of your best allies for networking and meeting new people in Bangkok, because here you can get the latest news on the upcoming business meet ups, and of course, meetings of different kind.