Bangkok, despite being best known for its floating markets and vibrant nightlife, also offers unique cinema experiences, with wonderful theaters available to you.

Here at Apoteka, culture matters. So, we decided to show you how to enjoy the 7th art remarkably in the City of Angels.

Here are 5 definite experiences when it comes to enjoying good cinematographic work while staying in Bangkok. Just keep reading and enjoy!


We started our travel itinerary for a place that must seem somewhat unusual at first glance, but it turns out to be fantastic when looked upon more closely.

Daokhanong Multiplex is none other than one of Bangkok’s last independent cinema theatres, representing a whole culture that was already considered old-fashioned, but that can never be taken for granted.

The theater shows top-notch recent films for tickets that cost a symbolic amount of 40 baht.

In summary, if you are a real backpacker and want to live the “Bangkok roots experience” in terms of independent cinema, this is the right destination for you.


Here we drastically jump from a more nostalgic experience to something more modern, perhaps, even futuristic, because there future is already here in Bangkok.

Offering a modern cinema experience, the 4DX Theater features beloved 3D glasses, action movies reactive vibrating seats, and over a million special effects like emulated sensations according to scenes (e.g. bubbles on romantic scenes or spray of water while it’s raining on the big screen).

It can be considered a unique experience because it mixes the most modern in terms of cinema technology with the mood of a historic city, famous for being exotic (almost esoteric).

Therefore, if you want to experience cinema beyond watching the movie playing on the screen, then now you have an excellent option that will allow you to live your wildest dreams.


Our list could not miss one of the most sought-after destinations among luxury tours included in Bangkok city, Airways Blue Ribbon Screen.

The cinema experience offered by Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Screen can be defined with only two words: absolute luxury.

It begins with double seat cabins isolated from neighbors, with luxurious pillows and silk blankets.

Foot massage for 15 minutes is included in the itinerary, where the customer can taste various fancy snacks, or even order a drink by calling the waiter.

This tour costs no less than 1500 baht per couple, and extra drinks are charged outside this initial bill. If you love luxury, you cannot leave this experience off your list!

It comes along with other luxury experiences that Bangkok puts at your disposal, such as renting exotic cars and shopping at top-notch designer shops. Therefore, if you want to make your visit to Bangkok all about luxury, then now you have another thing to add to your list.


A perfect movie night in Bangkok could not have the Enigma Theater out of its options. Watching a good movie at Enigma Theater is not just about pure entertainment, but also about status.

Located in the Siam Paragon Shopping Center, the cinema has a luxurious screening room, with seats that resemble another lounge club frequented by NBA players. Comfort, style and luxury, combined perfectly in a single seat.

The menu available includes hot and cold drinks, ice cream, and snacks such as spicy shrimp and spring rolls, all served by a waitress. You can order all the foods and drinks you desire, so you can enjoy your movie from beginning to end.

The experience costs around 3000 baht, that is, if exclusivity is your main goal while visiting the city, the Enigma Theater should be a priority on your list when you are alive and well in Bangkok.

It is definitively more expensive than your regular cinema, but not entirely restricting. Therefore, it is a good experience to consider when you want to include some luxury into your life. 


A definitive destination for those who want a vintage (almost historic) cinema experience in a city as old as Asia itself.

Located in Siam Square, one of the most iconic spots in Bangkok, the Scala theater brings a little of the city’s history itself, having been founded back in 1969.

The building’s design is inspired by late modernism, with the interiors all in Art Deco style. This structure is still very well preserved today, so much so that the cinema received the Architectural Conservation Award in 2012.

Instead of what some may think, despite the experience being vintage, the equipment is highly modern and updated with the most powerful in terms of cinema technology. Therefore, you get to experience the best from both world: the feeling of vintage and the power of technology.

Watching a movie at Scala Theatre is a beautiful and unique experience in the city, as it can give the visitor a taste of real-life in Bangkok, remembering the theatre still one of the top entertainment places for the city middle class.


In a busy city like Bangkok, it is difficult to choose the best destinations for your trip. Many people all over the internet, while writing scripts and guides, just ignore the city’s unique cinema experiences. However, we have just solved this problem for you, so you can enjoy one of the most important parts of Bangkok.

With theaters that combine the best in technology with the exotic experience of the city itself, Bangkok offers plenty of fun for film enthusiasts worldwide.

If you have any questions on the subject, please contact us and we will get back to you.

We realize that we are still in quarantine; however, it is good to remember all the great things we will be able to do once we go back to normal, because our city will always prevail, and so will the amazing things we can do in it.