If you want to have a great time during your stay in Bangkok, then you need to attend these fantastic concerts and shows. The best that the City of Angels has to offer.

Not in vain it is known as one of the most fun and entertaining city in the world, and therefore, you need to include them in your itinerary. Hands down.

That’s why we have put all of them together in one single list. Of course, you can always visit us at Apoteka later, for a refreshing drink, some tasty bites and the best live music in the city!

Muay Thai Show at Rajadamnern Stadium

If you know a couple of things about Thailand, then chances are you know that Muay Thai is original from here. Therefore, what a better idea than attending a real muay thai show? One of the best cultural experiences to live in Thailand.

If you want a night full of action and adrenaline, then you definitively need to attend the Muay Thai show at Rajadamnern Stadium, the oldest and biggest boxing stadium in Thailand. Here you will have the opportunity to see many of the best fighters in the country clash in battles full of adrenaline. You can bet on it that it will feel much better than watching it on TV or the internet.

Siam Niramit Show

One of the biggest and most impactful theatrical productions in the world, and you can have the privilege of attending it in Bangkok. It relates the creation of Thailand; its culture, traditions, beliefs and more.

It’s one of the most awarded and admired productions in Asia for very good reasons because it puts in scene fantastic representations, embracing reality with fantasy, to bring you a world-class world that will take you on a trip through history and time.

You will see everything: dancers, actors, hundreds of customers, animals, pyrotechnics, magic and much more. Therefore, you must include it!

In consequence, if you want to learn more about Thai history and culture, then you will definitively have a great time at Siam Niramit.

Calypso Cabaret Show

If you are in the mood for a cabaret show, which is something typical to Thailand, then you need to visit one of the best that Bangkok has to offer, Calypso. It combines hundreds of costumes, perfect synchrony and the finest music, everything put together in stage just for you.

It has been featured as the favorite cabaret show of Bangkok for over 30 years, which speaks a lot about its quality. It puts everyone in awe, and you are next!

If you have already tried most of what Bangkok has to offer you at night, then this is an interesting addition to your list. It won’t disappoint, guaranteed!

There are many others cabaret shows in Bangkok, but in our opinion, it’s one of the best, and as we are including different types of shows and activities, we had to pick only one show of this kind.

Cookin’ Nanta

One of the most interesting and exotic shows that Bangkok has to offer, because it puts in scene a non-verbal performance set in a kitchen. It is a comedy with tons of energy, and therefore, you are going to love it.

It all turns around three chefs trying to cook as fast as possible for a last-minute wedding feast. All in a comical and surprising manner. Guaranteed to make you laugh and leave you in awe!

If you have already visited many shows in Bangkok, and therefore you’ve had enough of cabaret shows and muay thai fights, then here you have a different take. It will make you laugh and allow you to have a great time.

Aksra Theatre

If you want to watch the original and traditional art of Thai puppetry, then you need to come to Aksra Theatre, which apart from being one of the most beautiful and iconic attractions in Bangkok, it also puts in scene a fantastic show that you must enjoy!

You see will beautifully-carved puppets being maneuvered with talent and agility by puppeteers, putting in scene one of the most interesting shows you will see in your life.

You will see magnificent representations of historic battles, performed with tons of skills and talent by the best puppeteers in Bangkok. You will learn a lot about Thai history, which is a major plus, because this show will make learning a fun and exotic experience.

Bangkok Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre

Now, if you want to watch another magnificent puppets show, then you need to visit Joe Luis Thai Puppet Theatre, where you will see a different take on the fine art of Thai puppetry.

You will be able to enjoy a delicious dinner while the talented puppeteers entertain you and show the more artistic aspect of Thailand. It will make a great date, for example. It’s also a good idea to visit it in a group.

Our recommendation is to visit both puppet theatres, so you can compare them both and contrast their different takes. It will allow you to learn a lot more about this amazing Thai art, and of course, have an amazing time in the meanwhile.

Ruen Thep Thai Theatre Restaurant

If you want to explore the Thailand of old – its history and traditions – then you need to come to Ruen Thep, where you will get to enjoy a show that will show you all of that and more.

It’s similar to Siam Niramit on how it explains to you more about what makes this country great, but of course, in a different manner. Less flamboyant, but not less impressing and unique in its own sense.

Like at Joe Louis, you can enjoy a delicious banquet while you enjoy the show. It will captivate you for sure, and therefore, it’s another good idea for a date. Guaranteed.


Now you know where to have a great time during your visit to Bangkok. These shows are unique and exciting, and therefore, worth a visit!