During the day, you can explore the bright and shinning side of Bangkok. You can travel back in time by visiting its history, experimenting its culture in different aspects and visiting plenty of excellent spots. However, when night arrives, the City of Smiles gets more exotic and spicier.

The clubs start to heat up, the bars blast live music like Apoteka and the hidden face of Bangkok begins to reveal itself. You have a wide myriad of things to do, but in this opportunity, we are going to focus on Night Markets.

They are a lot of fun and attractions on their own, and of course, they offer you the chance to buy exotic products, gifts and souvenirs. Let us get started!

Chang Chui Plane Market

We start our list with one of the most iconic and exotic markets, the Chang Chui Plane Market. As you can easily guess, the main attractive is a plane. You fill find it in the middle and plenty of stores surrounding it. It makes great scenery for memorable photos.

This market is excellent if you want to see and buy art, artisanship and very niche products, clothes and souvenirs. You will also find plenty of sculptures that bring the market a very special vibe. You can also find many stores that sell great products made from recycled materials.

It is also a great place for tasty delicious food and drinking fancy cocktails and craft beer. You can come here with your partner or your friends and visit the Night Zone, where you can have drinks and fun!

  • Working Days: Monday-Friday (Wednesday is closed)
  • Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00
  • How to Arrive: Just take a taxi to Chang Chui Plane Market

New Red Fai Market: The Train Night Market

One of the busiest and most interesting nights markets in Bangkok. The mesmerizing number of street food eateries, loud music and gigantic number of shops will amaze you. You can find plenty of exotic pieces of clothing and souvenirs. Of course, the majority of the products you will find here can be yours for a very low price. Excellent for shopping gifts.

It is an excellent spot for foodies, because the endless options of cheap and delicious Thai street food will send your taste buds in a trip of pleasure. You will not believe how many options you will have at your disposal!

Locals are the main visitors, but do not miss a chance to come here, because it will delight you!

  • Working Days: Everyday
  • Opening Hours: 17:00-01:00
  • How to Arrive: Just take the MRT to the Thailand Cultural Center because it is very near

Yaowarat Road – Chinatown Night Market

Chinatown is one of the most vibrant locations in Bangkok, and here you will find its fantastic night market in the Yaowarat Road. Similar to the New Red Fai Market, here you will find an outstanding number of street eateries, but the remark here is that you will find plenty of Chinese delicacies and other exotic dishes.

You will find plenty of stalls with a wide variety of products that range from clothing to accessories and gadgets. Overall, one of the best spots in Bangkok to visit, because it will offer you a vibrant and exotic vibe that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

It is busy and crowded, but it only adds to its attractiveness. An excellent location for memorable photos, and of course, unforgettable memories.

  • Working Days: Everyday
  • Opening Hours: All Night
  • How to Arrive: Take the MRT to Hua Lamphong, from there it only takes 15 minutes to arrive to the Yaowarat Road

Asiatique the Riverfront

If you are looking for a different kind of night market, then you need to visit Asiatique. Unlike most markets that are very old, this one was created in 2012. Even though its stores resemble an architecture of old, they are modern.

It has a privileged location right on the river, which brings it a unique atmosphere. You will find plenty of eateries, restaurants, shops and stores for buying excellent souvenirs.

Unlike your typical Thai night market, it is far more organized, and therefore, it provides a different kind of experience. It is a fusion between a night market and a modern mall. That sentence summarizes what Asiatique has to offer you.

If you feel tired after walking the Yaowarat Road and spending countless hours at the New Red Fai Market, then you can visit Asiatique to chill out, enjoy a good meal in any of the luxury restaurants you will find and do some shopping.

  • Working Days: Everyday
  • Opening Hours: 16:00 until midnight
  • How to Arrive: Take the Skytrain from the Silam Route to Saphan Taskin Station. From there, take the shuttle boat that will take you to Asiatique

Artbox Market

Similar to Asiatique, Artbox is a different kind of night market because it focuses on offering local designer brands, very niche products and innovative (and delicious) food. We could call it the hipster of night markets, but of course, in a positive sense.

It feels a lot more organized, and they even have a stage where local bands perform while you enjoy a delicious meal from any of the street eateries and restaurants you will find here, or when you do some shopping.

Furthermore, foodies will love this location because the food is delicious, exotic and photogenic. If you want to add some stunning food photos your Instagram, then this is the place to be!

Another curious fact is that this market changes locations from time to time, because it is a movable pop-up container market. It only adds to its exotic factor.

  • Working Days: Check their Facebook Page: facebook.com/Artboxthailand.
  • Opening Hours: Check their Facebook Page
  • How to Arrive: More info in their Facebook Page


Now that you know what are the top 5 night markets to visit in Bangkok, you should start organizing your trip, so you visit all of them. You are going to have a blast!